Before the Install

What to expect from the solar installation process



1. After a customer has commited to purchasing a solar system:

     - Schedule a visit to finalize photovoltaic (PV) system design

     - Designs and 3-lines are completed

     - All documents are generated 


2. CNY Solar sends out the binding solar installation contract and          rebate and interconnection forms through Docusign


3. CNY Solar submits system design for approvals to NYSERDA,           Utility and permit departments (responses can take up to 2                 months depending on the time of the year)


4. Schedule solar installation

      - Once the contract is signed then we will project out 2 months            and place the job in the schedule.

      - After a month has gone by we will up date the schedule and              the customer with any changes 

      - Once we have all approvals then we will fine tune the install              date to a certain week


5. Actual installation typically takes 1 - 4 days of time on-site


6. Inspections completed by local electical inspectors and town                 inspectors (if needed) right after the install 


7. The system is ready to produce solar power!

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After the Install

To access your solaredge monitoring site please click on the button to the left.

 After a solar system is installed you want to make sure that your anniversary date gets changed to the right time of year.  If it is not set for March or April you may lose any accumulated credits that you might have built up over the summertime.  BE SURE TO CHANGE YOUR DATE...

Now after installing a solar system, you will receive a Net Meter.  The Net Meter will give you information about which way power is flowing.  It will show you if is coming in from the utility company or sending power backwards to the utility company.   The documents that we attached will describe how you read you Net Meter.  

SUMMARY: Real property that contains a solar, wind, or farm waste energy system approved by the State Energy Research and Development Authority is exempt from taxation for a period of 15 years to the extent of any increase in assessed value due to the system. Such property is liable for special ad valorem levies and special assessments. The exemption as reenacted in 1990 is subject to local option.

Here is great site for additional information on the tax credits and incentives that are available. 

To claim the Federal 30% tax the form that you would need is here. 

To claim the State 25% tax, the form that you would need is here.

Click on the button to the left to download the optimal angles and when to adjust the panels.