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Shared Renewables


The Shared Renewables initiative (also referred to as community distributed generation) provides opportunities for renters, homeowners, low-income residents, schools, and businesses to join together to set up shared solar, wind, and other renewable energy projects resulting in healthier and stronger communities and solar for all. Each individual member’s production will appear as a credit on their monthly utility bill. The first phase of Shared Renewables will focus on promoting low-income customer participation and installations in areas of the power grid that can benefit most from local power production.  Community Solar is an installation large enough to supply a community. 


‘The Shared Renewables initiative will help people and communities across the state save money on local clean energy projects,’ Cuomo says, in a statement. ‘This program is about protecting the environment and ensuring that all New Yorkers, regardless of their ZIP code or income, have the opportunity to access clean and affordable power.’


Centralizing the location of solar systems has advantages over residential installation that include:

  • ~Trees, roof size and/or configuration, adjacent buildings, the immediate microclimate and/or             other factors which may reduce power output.

  • ~Building codes, zoning restrictions, homeowner association rules and aesthetic concerns.

  • ~Lack of skills and commitment to install and maintain solar systems.

  • ~Expanding participation to include renters and others who are not residential property owners.


CNY Solar's Community farm


Allows homeowners or business owners an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of solar even if:

~Your roof is shaded or not south-facing

~In a historical area or in the middle of a forest.

Community Solar serves Residential or Commercial users.


It is owned by a third party who is responsible for the system.

Our commitment to you is a lower energy bill and a green alternative.

 We need a commitment from you.

~ are you ready to reserve your energy?


We would like to show you what your savings would be if you went solar.

Please let us know if you are ready to make the connection and Join the Community! 

We look forward to hearing from you. 



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