Solar PV Information 

Solar Installation

Will it work at my home?

The installation of solar panels on your property can be done in several ways. We currently offer the following...
    - Asphalt shingle roof top mounts.
    - Standard metal roof mounts.
    - Standing seam metal roof mounts.
    - Ground mounted non-adjustable units.
    - Pole mounted manually adjustable units.
    - Flat rubber roof surfaces.

During a site assesment we will be able to determine the best application for solar on your property. 


Solar financing

We are now offering the following options for solar:



     -100% Financing

     -Community Solar Access (the systems are installed             off location)


              Contact CNY Solar to find out more.

Solar Incentives

New York State and the Government pays for 40-60% of the cost of your Solar Power System.


NYSERDA: Solar PV Incentives


Residential – $0.50/Watt for the maximum                                        25kW per site/meter.


-26% Federal Tax Credit

-25% State Tax Credit

-15-year real property tax exemption

-Sales Tax Incentive


           Commercial – $0.35/Watt up to 750kW 


 -30% Federal Tax Credit

 -15-year real property tax exemption

 -Sales Tax Incentive



Commercial/Farm Customers may also qualify for MACRS Depreciation and USDA Grant



**Additional Solar Grants are available for some

             Dairy Farmers.



NYSERDA pays for over a third of the cost for consumers who pay into the system benefit charge (SBC) monthly on their utility bills.  That reduces the initial cost for the customer to about $2.65 - 2.45 per watt, depending on a number of variables.  Then with the State and Federal tax credit, customers can receive a good portion of that money back as a tax credit, reducing the cost of the investment to about a quarter of the total system cost.

Frequenty Asked Questions:

How Big Should I Go?
The size of your Solar Electric System depends on a couple of factors.  First, what is your yearly electricity usage?  You can get that number from your utility bill.  Second, how much available south facing roof space do you have, or how much open ground space do you have if a ground mounted system is needed.  CNY Solar is able to size the system up to 110% of your utility bill, as long as there is enough usable area to mount the system.

What About Snow?
Yes, we do get snow in the CNY/Greater Syracuse area, and a lot of it at times.  The panels will not be as efficient when covered in snow.  The good news is that the whole system is like a sheet of glass, and when the sun hits it they warm up and get quite slippery.  So the snow may not stay there for very long depending on the pitch of the roof. Additionally the systems are sized for the annual production and accomodate for lower production time periods.

What Can Solar Power Do For Me?
Solar Power for your home can produce enough energy to run most of your home or even all of your home’s electrical needs.  Having Solar Electric panels will make your home more independent from the utility company.  

How Much Will It Cost?
The cost varies system to system.  Every install is different, depending on the energy usage, site layout, and size of the system.  A good estimate is $2.7-3.30 per watt, depending on the type of system and materials used.  Think of Solar as an investment.  Once you have Solar Power it will eliminate most or even all of your electric bill for as long as you live where the system is installed.  Most of the panels have a 25 year manufactures warranty.  Not to mention you will reduce your carbon foot print by running on the clean power you are generating.